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Two years of too much sitting and not enough moving had to end today! Enter, Focus T25. It might be cheesy, but for some reason it works 😁

It reminds me of a cult, for sure. But I’ve always argued if you voltunarily go in to a cult, knowing it’s a cult, you can at least try to get the benefits (increased commitment) without too many of the downsides (empty wallet).

Last night we finally watched People Just Do Nothing - Big In Japan. We had been putting it off, in case it diverted too much from the style and authenticity of the original series - but no fear, it was perfect.

Highly recommended 👌

Very pleased with how this turned out. It was drawn during a great session from a Bedford based artist, and is Bedford Bridge from some years ago 😊

I’m very excited for my new pen day today - a Pilot Capless / Vanishing Point with an 18k nib ✒️

I’ve rejoined - it’s lovely to be back. I’ll mostly be talking about what I’m learning, working on, and enjoying.

I’ll kick off with a search engine I found via HackerNews this morning - it’s seriously impressed me:

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