Tony Robbins' RPM (Rapid Planning Method)

It's a common theme - people start off with good intentions to work on something, create something, be someone new - but enthusiasm wanes away and focus is lost. We forget why we started in the first place, and feel guilty looking at the overdue recurring tasks on our todo list. Until we delete…

A New Logo for Fedora

Máirín Duffy has posted a very detailed and fascinating account of the Fedora Design Team's work towards updating the project's logo. The team has asked for feedback on two candidate designs. My personal preference is for Option 2 - it feels more modern, and fixes more of the issues described in t…

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Best Books I Read In 2018

This year has been quite a prolific reading year for me, with a good mixture of fiction and non-fiction, which is unusual. The stand-out read that has had the biggest impact on me was The Mindbody Prescription, by Dr John Sarno. The book utterly cured my emerging RSI in one sitting. I've…

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Fedora 2018 Round-Up

Over on Fedora Magazine, I wrote a couple of round-up posts of the best content from 2018. Command-line Related: Sysadmin Related:

Rescuing Nextcloud In Maintenance Mode

It's happened a couple of times to me - when updating Nextcloud through the browser, the browser crashes or (more likely) a mistimed Ctrl+W makes everything disappear. When you go back - eeek! - you're stuck in maintenance mode, with seemingly no way out. Don't despair, it's easy. If you can get a…