Things I Found This Week (02-12-2018)

Libre Lounge Podcast Great new podcast covering the free and libre software/hardware world. Seems like Serge and Chris like talking about topics that other podcasts don't address too much, like the whole ethical point of free software. Highly recommended! (Cool site design too :) ) Link …

getadvice: Random Advice from AdviceSlip in Your Terminal

I'd like to share a little Go application that grabs a random piece of golden advice from AdviceSlip. Nothing amazing, but great food for thought :) Code: See the README on Gitlab to build from source and install, or download the binary directly: Binary:…

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Recent Reading (December 2018)

Atomic Habits (James Clear) A surprisingly refreshing look at habit formation and eradication. James Clear has blogged on personal development and habits for a few years now, always with stellar advice. It has all culminated in this great guide to building and tearing down good and bad habits…

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New Site

I've moved the site to a new host, and new blogging platform, for a fresh start! Running nice and smooth with Kirby on Jolt. I'm looking forward to blogging a lot more in the future :)

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