Tony Robbins' RPM (Rapid Planning Method)

It's a common theme - people start off with good intentions to work on something, create something, be someone new - but enthusiasm wanes away and focus is lost.

We forget why we started in the first place, and feel guilty looking at the overdue recurring tasks on our todo list.

Until we delete them and give up.

Self-proclaimed non-guru Tony Robbins has an effective approach to overcome this problem, in his RPM (or Rapid Planning Method) tool.

Using your existing project/task management tools and methods, when you start a project, answer the following questions. Actually write them down.

It will take a little longer to get things going in the beginning, but the time savings down the road will compound to make that initial bump insignificant.

Knowing what you want to achieve (clearly and specifically) gives you a focus, rather than a general idea. Understanding why you want it gives you motivation and gusto to follow through, and having an adaptable plan makes it simple to get there.

It's a process of thinking that removes doubt, and clears a path to what you want. It works for me, I hope it works for you too.