Minimalist Web Tools

I can't be the only person that appreciates single-purpose web apps that have minimal and distraction-free interfaces. So, I thought I'd keep an on-going list of resources much like my simple / indie web page.


Consuming that Content

  • Feedbin - a simple, minimal RSS reader
  • ReadUp - articles from around the web ranked by minutes spent reading them
  • Tube - bare-bones search interface for YouTube

Publishing / Blogging

  • Typehut - a really simple, fast publishing tool/platform that is purposefully restrictive
  • ZenPen - as minimalist as writing gets, perfect for getting thoughts out of your head

Email / Messaging

  • Tutanota - privacy-focused webmail provider with a clean, simple interface


  • Colormind - forgiving the American spelling, this is a great site for generating colour schemes
  • Drawisland - quick doodles in your web browser
  • Wireframe - minimal, quality wireframing tool

Health / Wellbeing


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