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Superior / Angela Saini

A superb, eye-opening look at the concept of race and its (essentially non-existent) biological and (far more existent) social origins. This is one of those reads that fundamentally changes your model of something. Highly, highly recommended.

Axiom's End / Lindsay Ellis

We've watched Linsday on the telebox for a few years, and very much appreciate her insight in all things film and cultural. Her debut novel was a pleasure to read. A bit more of a YA novel than I'm used to, I savoured the opportunity to switch off for a bit and let the story absorb me.

Breath / James Nestor

A perfect-length look at experimenting with something we all have. The inevitable mention of Wim Hof reminded me of the impact of nasal breathing, and I've definitely benefited from the revival in the past few days.

Escape Everything / Robert Wringham

After recently coming across the world of The Idler and New Escapologist, I very much enjoyed Robert's book which expanded my baseline of what's possible. Along with Early Retirement Extreme from Jacob Lund Fisker, this has my mind running over a few scenarios...

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  • Thinking in Systems / Donella H. Meadows (a re-read)
  • Arlott, Swanton and the Soul of English Cricket / Stephen Fay and David Rynaston