Well, I upgraded Ubuntu

After moaning about the point of Ubuntu switching to GNOME, I was ‘forced’ to upgrade this week and I have some humble pie to eat.

After accidentally uninstalling just about every crucial package on my 16.04 workstation (at… work), I spent a couple of days avoiding a reboot and slowly watching applications disappear as they, for some reason or another, saw their processes killed.

I backed up /home quickly, but struggled on with essential tasks until this morning. I ran in and burned 17.10 to a USB (using the superb Etcher). I had the choice between it and LTS, but I took the plunge with the new and shiny.

Ubuntu’s theming of GNOME is superb, I have to say. The interface is slick, and the dock is a perfect fusion of GNOME and Unity. Performance is fine – a few strange screen tears now and again, but I can live with that.

I would have upgraded to 18.04 LTS when released anyway, so it’s only 6 months ahead of schedule. But it’s the first time (I can remember) running the machine my salary depends on with a non-LTS distro release.

I forge ahead with Solus at home, happier every day.